ZombiU (Wii U)



Platform: Wii U
Release Date: November 18, 2012
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier

Description: ZombiU is a first-person perspective survival horror game from Ubisoft, made exclusively for the Wii U. With London being overrun by hordes of undead, the player must gather supplies and take on a variety of missions in order to unravel the mystery behind the epidemic, and escape the city.

The game is designed to utilize the Wii U Gamepad’s features extensively, for example using the touch screen for inventory management and lock picking, as well as sniper scope and scanner. One of the game’s key features is the frail nature of the playable characters. Once bitten, the character will be infected, turned into one of the undead, and the player will then respawn as a completely new character. While this won’t have an effect on mission progress, any skills earned will be lost, and the player must hunt down the previous character in order to reclaim any items collected by them.

ZombiU features an asymmetrical, local multiplayer mode, in which one player will use the Gamepad’s touch screen to place zombies around a level, while another player will fend them off using the Wii U Pro Controller. The game does not feature online multiplayer, but will have some online features, such as the ability for players to leave messages for each other in-game.

ZombiU will be released at Wii U’s launch in late 2012. For our full screenshot gallery of ZombiU please visit our ZombiU album on Facebook

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