New ZombiU Details – Online, Multi-Player Modes, Weapons, Safehouses & More!

Well, this started off as one post, and then two, and then I thought just make one huge post rather than three! So here it is! Loads of new ZombiU details in one post!…

\"ZombiU\"A portion of a Konsolifin interview with Ubisoft’s Gabrielle Shrager…

K: What can you tell about Miiverse features? When you die or become a zombie in the online game, does your zombie character appear in your friend’s games?

GS: Our online app offers a ton of sweeet features for you and your Nintendo friends to feel a little less alone in the merciless world of ZombiU (although it is not directly linked to the Miiverse). When playing online, players will receive alerts onscreen in real-time that tell you when your friends’ survivors have been Infected and where they are likely to be roaming if you want to go and mercy-kill them and loot their gear. Plus you can follow stats about your own former Infected survivor characters, like how many of your friends have encounter, killed or been Infected by them. Also, you’ll find leaderboards to compare your Survivors’ Scores against your friends and see who the most successful survivors are.

K: What kind of multiplayer modes are there in ZombiU?

GS: ZombiU offers a local Asymmetric Multiplayer mode rather than online modes. So you can play with your friends using the Wii U GamePad and the Pro Controller in your couch. What is the multiplayer mode about: The ‘King of Zombies’ has organized his own sadistic London games to entertain his bloodthirsty subjects… Play as King Boris on the WiiU tablet, crazed boss of a violent gang and self-proclaimed ‘King of the Zombies’, and beat all survivors…one by one! Or play as a Survivor and attempt to outwit the King of Zombies and his brain-dead \’gladiators\’!

With SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, ZombiU features one-on-one competitive multiplayer modes, which tasks one player with controlling zombie hordes (Infected Units) using the Wii U GamePad, while the other player fights to survive in FPS view with either Wii controllers or the new Pro Controller. The multiplayer features 3 exhilirating game modes including assault, deathmatch and survival modes.

SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, is full-fledged multiplayer experience, with deep gameplay that will provide many hours of fun. The Wii U allowed us to create an exhilarating experience that can be shared by a hardcore gamer and a more casual player-friend or family member, without the latter becoming completely outmatched. Unlike the campaign, which offers a solo Survival Horror FPS experience, the ‘King of Zombies’ player uses the Wii U GamePad at a more relaxed pace. The gameplay is more about overall strategy than any gamer reflexes honed over years…so it’s more immediately accessible. Our multiplayer modes are also a bridge for new players to get into the game before they acquire the courage to face the Infected hordes alone, while offering a more traditional first-person shooter experience using the Wii U Pro Game Controller or Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Even survival-horror fans will love blowing off some steam with a little running and gunning!

  • Expect to die a lot
  • Traverse London’s sewer network up into the Tower of London’s hidden catacombs
  • Cricket bat is unbreakable
  • Start off with that weapon
  • Flashlight that runs down quickly
  • Also takes a long time to recharge
  • Cricket bat will only down a zombie in about six heavy hits
  • Gunfire attracts the horde to your location
  • Draw out zombies one by one using flares
  • Lay mines as well
  • Immobilized when accessing your backpack
  • Drag your favorite items to the hot bar
  • Organise loot gathered from corpses
  • Safehouses are respawn zones that play have crafting benches and lockers
  • If you die, you lose everything
  • You\’ll come back as a new character with a flashlight, cricket bat and a pistol with 6 shots
  • As said before, your previous self will be carrying your items
  • Former self isn\’t marked on map
  • When wading through water, your survivor lifts their backpack overhead
  • This leaves you unable to attack
  • Communicate with other players through spray-painting icons
  • There is a ‘stairs’ icon and a ‘thumbs down’ icon, among many others
  • If you die, your former self becomes a zombie that may crop up in friends\’ games as well


  • Brutally difficult
  • The “Dark Souls” of zombie games
  • Mixes the continuous dread of “Amnesia” with the unforgiving nature of “Dark Souls”
  • The cricket bat is a default, unbreakable weapon
  • Shotgun in this playthrough started with “only” 30 bullets
  • The flashlight is essential in the sewer, but runs out of power quickly
  • Takes a while for the flashlight to recharge, during which time the Wii U’s radar screen is useful
  • One zombie takes about six “heavy” hits with the cricket bat to kill
  • Gunfire attracts more zombies with each successive shot
  • Flares can be used to draw them out more slowly
  • Limited inventory slots, resource management is crucial
  • Safehouses are respawn zones, contain crafting benches and lockers
  • When you respawn, you start with a cricket bat, flashlight, and pistol with six rounds
  • Upgraded weapons you make won’t be visible on the map when you lose them to zombification, so chances are it’s gone forever
  • Wading through water causes you to lift your backpack overhead, leaving you defenseless
  • You can leave graffiti messages on walls for other players online
  • The graffiti messages aren’t words, but a choice of symbols to try and communicate with friends
  • When your survivor dies, there’s a chance he’ll spawn in a friend’s game as well