Zeraora 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon Snap

Zeraora 4-star photo

With today’s release of the New Pokémon Snap update, budding photographers now have access to three additional research areas, as well as a small handful of new Pokémon to encounter. While most of these creatures are fairly common, a new Mythical Pokémon was included in this bunch — the Thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora! If you’re having trouble grabbing that elusive 4-star photo of Zeraora, check out our quick New Pokémon Snap guide.

Zeraora 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon Snap

To encounter Zeraora, you’ll need to have the Badlands (Night) area at Research Level 2. From the start of this level, turn about 45 degrees to the left to find the Pokémon sleeping on the ground, making for a great 1-star photo. But we’re not here for 1-star Zeraora — we want the 4-star photo! First, you’ll need to wake Zeraora up by hitting it with a Fluffruit. You’ll want to try to do this as early as possible to give yourself some time later on. Keep in mind that Fluffruit have some weight to them, so make sure you lob the shot high into the air. It may take some practice, but eventually, you should hit it. Upon waking, Zeraora will proceed to run towards the start of the level before making a U-turn and running across the stone arch in front of you. It will then come to rest on a cliff side behind the giant boulder.

Zeraora 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon Snap

Meanwhile, if you look behind the giant boulder near the first pool of water, you should see a Tyranitar. From its backside where it can’t see you, wake it up with a Fluffruit. I found this to be the hardest part of the process. If you do this too late, or if Zeraora isn’t in position, it will attack a nearby Crustle, flipping it on its back. These are some good 4-star photos of both Pokémon, if you need them. (The Crustle picture also satisfies a mission, so it’s good to get this shot at some point anyway.) However, provided Zeraora is in position, Tyranitar will create a sandstorm (another good 4-star Tyranitar photo).

Zeraora will then jump down and begin to glow, signifying that it’s preparing to engage the Tyranitar. The ensuing battle is great for some high-level shots of Zeraora, but I found that the 4-star photo comes just after Zeraora flips in the air and jumps forward to strike Tyranitar before the kerfuffle subsides. Upon the conclusion of this epic encounter, Zeraora will then Naruto-run away towards the cliffs ahead of you and, with a final flip, disappear.Zeraora 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon SnapMuch as with the rest of the game, the true opponent while trying to grab the 4-star photo is making sure that Zeraora is registered as the target of the shot. Thankfully, the battle has small periods between attacks in which you can try to reset the camera’s target. If you’re having trouble, I recommend adjusting the camera such that Zeraora is the only Pokémon in sight. Once it is acquired, it should be easier to remain the target of photos in the immediate future.

With Zeraora, the number of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap is now up to 11. If you still need to find them, or are having issues getting their 4-star photo, be sure to check out our other guides!

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