Zeldathon is streaming Zelda games for charity right now

Zeldathon The Legend of Zelda stream Direct Relief charity

It’s winter, and the Northern Hemisphere is a harsh place to be right now. Why not stay indoors, watch some dudes and dudettes play The Legend of Zelda, and help raise money for charity? Zeldathon is enabling you to do exactly that.

From now through Jan. 2 (or Jan. 3, depending where you live), the people at Zeldathon will be streaming runs of various Zelda titles for charity. All proceeds will go to Direct Relief, which “works internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medicines and supplies needed to care for the world’s most vulnerable people.”

Zeldathon is covering most of the Zelda ever made, so your favorite is inevitably somewhere in their schedule. It will be culminating with the two best 2D titles: Link’s Awakening DX and A Link to the Past. I dig it!

This seems to be a pretty relaxed stream though — not the intense speed runs you see from Games Done Quick, for example. In fact, what I’ve seen of the current Minish Cap stream is actually a little too laid back for my tastes. But hey, it’s all for a great cause, so if you’re a Zelda fan, check out the stream this weekend and chip in a few dollars for a great cause.


John Friscia
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