Zelda’s voice actor in Breath of the Wild signed a fan’s game in Hylian

Breath of the Wild Hylian writing, Zelda voice actor Patricia Summersett

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduced many new things to the franchise. One huge step forward for the series was the addition of voice acting. Patricia Summersett voiced Princess Zelda in the game, and many fans loved her. In fact, it seems Summersett is a fan of the series as well, as she recently signed a fan’s copy of the game in Hylian.

Hylian affairs with Zelda’s voice actor

Recently, Reddit user Abaker516 went to Boston Comic Con to meet Summersett at a signing. When she gave him the game back, he saw that she had written, “Open your eyes,” in Hylian on the front cover.

This phrase is sure to mean a lot to players of Breath of the Wild. It’sĀ Zelda’s first line in the game as Link is awakened from his 100-year slumber. Not long after, Link is running around Hyrule ignoring everything to do with saving the kingdom. At least that’s how it went in my game.

For those who don’t know, Hylian is the ancient language used by the citizens of Hyrule in the Zelda series. There are many places where you can learn the language. In fact, many letters in Hylian resemble the same characters in the English alphabet.

So it’s actually pretty awesome that Summersett knew how to draw these characters for the fan. It shows an extreme amount of dedication, gratitude, or love for the game she’s in. Keep being awesome, Patricia! We hope to hear you more in the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel!

Personally, I’ve never had this kind of experience. When I had a small print of Axel signed by Quinton Flynn, he signed it with, “Stay cool!” I mean, I was happy, but I’m not sure Axel would say “stay cool.” I’m sure he loves the role, though.

What about you guys? Have you ever had an experience with a voice actor like this? Let us know your favorite stories in the comments below!


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