Super Mario Maker 2 welcomes Link’s Awakening with Zelda-themed courses

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening launches today alongside the Switch Lite, and aside from a kickin’ overview trailer, Nintendo has also marked the long-awaited release with some Zelda-themed Super Mario Maker 2 courses. Nintendo has shared eight courses, all of which look like a great way to pass the wait if you will not have your hands on Link’s Awakening for some time. The courses are listed in a tweet from the Super Mario UK Twitter account, embedded below.

If you want to try the courses, don’t have Super Mario Maker 2 handy, and cannot view or save the picture for later, I’ve listed out the course codes below for easy access. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s tweet does not include any stage names or descriptions to give a hint of what the stages are actually like past the thumbnail, so it is anybody’s guess as to the actual content and type of course that describes any of these.









Super Mario Maker 2 enjoys plenty of fantastic user-created stages, including these homages to other Nintendo series such as The Legend of Zelda. Seeing promotions like this one makes me wonder how other Nintendo series would work with their own Maker games. A Legend of Zelda Maker that lets you build your own dungeons seems like the most obvious choice, and the Chamber Dungeon in Link’s Awakening may end up being the first step in that direction.

Are you picking up The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? Will you be trying out any of these stages in Super Mario Maker 2? Will you do either on a brand new Switch Lite? Or are you just chilling out in left field with some Untitled Goose Game, the ridiculously hilarious goose mischief simulator? Use the comments below to tell us all about your plans for this pretty awesome day in gaming.

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