New Zelda-like title Skellboy revealed, coming to Nintendo Switch

New Zelda-like title Skellboy revealed, coming to Nintendo Switch

There is no shortage of quality indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch, and Fabraz is an indie game studio that has become one to watch. After making a splash with their adorable but tough platformer Slime-san, they have grown into the world of game publishing. The successful launch of SpiritSphere DX has shown that Fabraz is here to stay. Now they hope to continue the trend with the just announced Skellboy.

Skellboy is described as an action RPG with an emphasis on exploration. You play as a skeleton warrior turned hero with the ability to swap body parts for new abilities. The core gameplay seems very reminiscent to old-school Legend of Zelda with a 2D-in-3D motif. Characters are 2D sprites moving in a 3D space, making for a very unique design.

The announcement has presented this as a Switch exclusive without saying as such. We are also given a vague 2019 release, but so far Skellboy is looking impressive. Knowing what Fabraz has done as a publisher so far, this will be one to keep tabs on next year.


David Giltinan
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