Zelda Netflix series was real, and Adam Conover explains why it was canceled

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Rumors about a potential The Legend of Zelda Netflix series were spreading like wildfire a few years ago. No one truly knew whether or not this project actually existed until now. Adam Conover, comedian and TV host (formerly of Adam Ruins Everything), recently appeared on The Serf Times podcast to discuss an upcoming Netflix project of his. While there, Conover divulged information he learned from his time at College Humor, confirming that a The Legend of Zelda Netflix series was real at one point. Conover had ties with another Nintendo project around the same time, being described as a claymation adaptation of Star Fox that even involved Shigeru Miyamoto coming to their office to discuss it. However, the claymation Star Fox project was canceled alongside the live-action The Legend of Zelda Netflix series because someone from Netflix decided to leak series information, upsetting Nintendo in the process. Conover says that “they freaked out.”

As a result, Nintendo decided to “pull the plug on everything” at the time. This was their first attempt at adaptation in quite some time, so it makes sense why Nintendo was frustrated about the leaks. Of course, there could be a little more to the story of these cancellations, but Conover’s accounting of events is all we have to go on for now. We have cued up the video to the moment of discussion below.

Although the adaptation was canceled, we could always get something in the future. It may be unlikely soon after Nintendo’s experience with Netflix, but it would be interesting to see Zelda in a different light. This month is of course the 35th anniversary of Zelda, so hopefully franchise announcements are just around the corner.


Jaimie Ditchfield
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