Zelda Kickstarter Documentary In the Works


A couple of years ago some fans adorned awesomely in Legend of Zelda cosplay, put together what appeared to be a live action trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie.  The video swarmed across the internet and onto Youtube until it was revealed that it was all just a big April fool’s joke.  Well, now a true Zelda fan, named Joe Granato, has come up with the idea to film a Legend of Zelda documentary which carries a familiar Zelda line from an old man in a cave proudly proclaiming, \”It’s Dangerous To Go Alone…The Movie\”.

He has put up his proposal on the popular, crowd funded, Kickstarter website and according to Nintendo Insider, Granato and his film crew are hoping to raise at least $50,000 before June and have their Hyrulian masterpiece delivered to their backers by December.  They are asking for pledges between $5 to $250.  Highest pledging backers will get what’s known as the \”Master Sword Package\” which will include a DVD set within a custom NES game box complete with a manual mock-up for the documentary.  Also included is bonus video footage and a special thank you with their name in the credits of the film.

The documentary is hoping to deliver video footage of an exploration of the cultural impact that the Legend of Zelda has had.

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[Source: NintendoInsider]

Tom Stovall