What ‘Zelda’ Game Should Get A Remake Next? Here Are 3 Options.

Remakes are ever-present within The Legend of Zelda community. While some gamers would rather companies work on new franchise entries than invest resources into revamping old titles, I’m personally a huge fan of the Zelda remakes. If you weren’t a 90s kid, it’s likely that you weren’t able to play two of the most popular games in the series: Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. Thankfully, Nintendo remade those games onto a new handheld with nearly 70 million players.

 These revamped titles can also be used as a placeholder of sorts. The Wii U was given two remakes, the first being Wind Waker and the second being Twilight Princess. These are two of the bigger, broader-in-scope Zelda games, and acted as a way to make the delay of Breath of the Wild more tolerable. With all these situations in mind, it surely begs the question: What Zelda game should Nintendo remake next?

 I have two answers to this question. The first, and most likely candidate in my opinion, is Skyward Sword. The game delivered underwhelming sales, not even hitting 4M. Given that its release was on a console with 100M units sold, that number is quite pathetic. However, the primary reason Skyward Sword is due for a remake is its divisiveness within the community, especially regarding motion controls. On Nintendo Switch, the game could run at a smooth 720P or 1080P with 60 FPS, and ditch the motion controls. I feel that if the Big N wants to maximize the importance of this title within the Zelda timeline, they will revamp it for Switch.

 My second answer was harder to come up with, but I feel that both Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass would be fantastic choices. Both are near-spectacular games that get bogged down by the atrocious limitations of the original Nintendo DS. The company could re-do either of these games, or both, and it would be a hot seller on Switch. Fans adore the Wind Waker art style, and seeing that in the forefront again would interest players that started their The Legend of Zelda passion back in the Gamecube days.

 What game in the franchise should be remade next, if any? Give me your picks in the comments section below.

Aric Sweeny
Former Editor-in-Chief, now staff writer here at NE. I'm an English student in California. Let's talk Pokémon.