Zelda 35th anniversary plans seem likely to be revealed in summer

Zelda 35th anniversary

On Sunday, The Legend of Zelda celebrated its 35th anniversary. Twitter was filled to the brim with celebratory posts from gamers all across the world, but Nintendo didn’t acknowledge the occasion. Aside from the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD last week, fans are eager to know whether or not Nintendo is planning something bigger. The short answer is almost certainly “absolutely,” and industry insider and VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb has written an article that does a good job of outlining how and why it will happen.

Grubb reiterates that it’s all about marketing and that Nintendo doesn’t want to overlap the currently ongoing Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary celebrations. Mario’s time in the spotlight ends on March 31, 2021, with Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35 apparently disappearing from the face of the earth. In the interim, Nintendo’s focus will be on Skyward Sword HD in July to boost sales of this specific title before more Zelda plans are eventually revealed, likely including the HD versions of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and potentially culminating in the Breath of the Wild sequel. Releasing other Zelda titles around this time could potentially be detrimental to Skyward Sword HD‘s sales.

Grubb provides some elaboration:

Sure, it could’ve released Wind Waker and Twilight Princess at the same time, but the company wants Zelda fans all focused on Skyward Sword. So instead of creating a situation where other Zelda releases on Switch cannibalize sales that could’ve gone to Skyward Sword, Nintendo will create a steady cadence of releases to celebrate the series. That will start with Skyward Sword HD in July, but we should hear about what is coming soon after that this summer.

Nintendo very likely has more Zelda 35th anniversary plans to announce shortly after or around the release of Skyward Sword HD. After all, recently we reported that VGC journalist Andy Robinson had stated on Twitter that The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are “100% coming this year.” The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, so it makes sense that it wants to celebrate it in the “right way.”

What would you like to see for the Zelda 35th anniversary?


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