PC Gamer & YouTuber Received Human Revolution – Director’s Cut (Wii U) as “Incredibly Awesome”

Currently sitting on top as the definitive version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both critically and according to the developers Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for the Wii U. With critic scores ranging from the highest possible to 80%, being defined as \”a worthy upgrade and worthy introduction\” and \”the ultimate version of the masterpiece by Eidos Montreal\”, there’s no doubt that this is a game you should not pass on. Especially for those who have not already played this game on another platform or if you haven\’t played it before and/or are interested in the GamePad features (or aren\’t concerned about the $20 – $30 price difference), you just might want to pick up the Wii U version as it’s now being highly regarded by even the most long time PC gamers (such as myself, not including the part about reviewing the Wii U version).


YouTuber and gaming enthusiast ChristopherOdd has uploaded over one hour of commentated footage where he shows off his \”incredibly awesome\” experience with the Wii U version of Director’s Cut.

\”Some of the improvements include: New augmentation DLC integration, touch pad hacking, better energy management, improved AI strategy guide integration, completely revamped boss fights\” he sounded off.

It was an easy choice for Christopher which version he\’d pick to play through if both were set on top of a table.

\”If I could play through this game again, it will 100% be on the Wii U, but the developer commentary alone is worth the additional upgrade price on the PC.\”

The playthrough by Christopher is as follows. Be sure to check out the 5 minutes of GamePad only footage towards the end of the video.

Omar T