YouTuber beats Demon’s Souls bosses with modded DK Bongos

Nintendo FromSoftware mod Donkey Konga bongos DK Bongo Demon's Souls

A YouTuber that goes by the name of Super Louis 64 has a history of playing classic games in outlandish ways, like Super Mario 64 with Kinect and Joy-Con. He did a bit of modding to allow a set of DK Bongos (played with the likes of Donkey Konga on GameCube) to play the Demon’s Souls remake on PlayStation 5. As if the notoriously difficult game isn’t hard enough, we can’t imagine drumming our way through it.

However, Super Louis 64 has managed to play through the first few sections of the game quite successfully. While the YouTuber doesn’t go into detail on how the controller is modified to work, he does explain what has been re-mapped. The DK Bongos have around half the controller inputs that Demon’s Souls usually needs, meaning a lot of actions are just inaccessible during gameplay, which makes the task even tougher.

Block has been totally scrapped, along with switching items, magic, performing a strong attack, and more. Using this controller method, you can perform basic attacks, dodge, and that’s about it. It’s still absolutely possible though, as showcased in the video.

The Vanguard Demon and Tower Knight bosses are somehow successfully defeated with DK Bongos. I could barely get through this with a standard controller, and it’s incredibly impressive to see a Souls game played this way. The YouTuber also reassures viewers that this is legit and is planning to stream more of his playthrough on Twitch.

Would you try playing Demon’s Souls with DK Bongos?


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