You can pre-order the physical version of River City Girls August 30

River City Girls

River City Girls just has me hyped, and I can’t remember the last time I was this¬†excited for a game. If I think long and hard, it was probably about the time Shantae: Half-Genie Hero came out, yet another title that WayForward has produced. Well, for those of you wanting to hold the game in your own two hands, you’re in luck. The physical version of River City Girls can be pre-ordered through Limited Run Games starting on Aug 30.

Take me to the river

An update went out recently regarding River City Girls, offering a few more details outside of the date announcement. Both Limited Run Games and WayForward will be sharing a booth during PAX West (Booth #7405, Level 6). They will have a few titles up for demo, including the recently titled¬†Shantae and the Seven Sirens. And, if you’re wanting to finally get your hands on River City Girls, you can play that too, along with Vitamin Connection and Mighty Switch Force.

It isn’t clear at this point, though, if there will be any bonus items that accompany your pre-order. In the past, there have been times when a free item or bundles have been available at the time of pre-order. I’ve made a handful of purchases from the company, including the Star Wars titles re-released a few months back. And yeah, some sold out within minutes.

Thank heavens for email?

If you’re like me, you probably despise signing up for email alerts. I always think, “Oh, input my email? I can’t wait to get a bunch of coupons I’m never going to use,” or “Sweet, more junk I’ll just delete.” However, two of the most beneficial emails I’ve signed up for are from iam8bit and Limited Run Games. Both of them specialize in limited quantity and unique gaming releases, such as a physical release of River City Girls.

River City Girls is expected to release on Sept 5. The standard game will launch for $29.99 USD. However, WayForward has indicated on their official River City Girls website that the Limited Run Games version has a price point that is “TBD.”

I do question, though, if pre-orders will arrive in time for release. But it might be worth it regardless. After all, you will have a physical copy to stare and revel in its physical-ness. Ooh, ah.

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