Here’s how you can choose the Switch icon for Morphies Law

Morphies Law, the upcoming indie team-based shooter with a ginormous twist, is letting fans decide the game’s fans decide the Switch icon. One of three possible icons will be selected based on a Twitter vote. You can see the potential icons below.

Here is a link to the tweet with the actual poll.┬áThe game’s┬ádevelopers seem intent on circumventing a common issue for the Switch community: ugly game icons. In fact, several studios have had to release updates and apologies to fix bland and uninspired pictures. Here, letting the community choose the icon for Morphies Law is sure to be a fun way to ensure that the game looks pretty on our home screens.

After missing its initial Winter 2017 / Early 2018 release date, Morphies Law has been quietly chugging along in development. Hopefully, a public icon selection means that the game is nearly complete. At the very least, gameplay seems to have progressed nicely. This tweet sent out last night shows a few precious seconds of action.

It has been a long time coming, but this size-based shooter is looking pretty good, and at least the devs are making an effort to keep the community involved. Morphies Law will hopefully have more news soon. Keep checking back at NintendoEnthusiast for updates.

Nick Pearson
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