Yoshi Circuit Included in Mario Kart 8 DLC; New Trailer Showcasing the Track

Mario Kart 8 is one of the hottest selling Wii U games, and just in time for the Holiday season, will be getting an injection of DLC. Detailed earlier, the Mario Kart 8 DLC package could quite possibly be one of the finest DLC packages ever released. Included in the first round of DLC will be a Tanooki Mario as seen in the above picture, and the Yoshi Circuit track.

Yoshi Circuit track was originally in Mario Kart Double Dash!! for the Gamecube, and was also revisited in Mario Kart DS. The Yoshi Circuit track looks phenomenal in HD, so be sure to check out the trailer below showcasing this fantastic track. Let us know what you think of the latest Mario kart 8 track in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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