Yooka-Laylee is crossing over with Volta-X, plus big QOL & weapon update

Yooka-Laylee Volta-X collaboration Playtonic Games GungHo Online Entertainment Volta-X Halloween

Cross-pollination has become the new norm for video game IP. For instance, you can find Shovel Knight in just about every video game on Earth, including Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee, but today it’s the latter’s opportunity to spread its figurative or literal wings. Yooka-Laylee is coming to GungHo Online Entertainment’s Volta-X for a new collaboration sometime this November. While platforming adventure games don’t have much in common with giant robot strategy combat, this Yooka-Laylee / Volta-X cross-over still makes a lot of sense because both franchises are about colorful animal protagonists.

Yooka will receive an original story mission and have his own unique abilities, including Slurp State, which will let him “take on any environmental effects in a room and imbue his next attacks with that effect.” That sounds potentially pretty powerful!

Yooka-Laylee aside, Volta-X has also just received some legitimately great updates and additions. For instance, you will now be able to reconfigure the layout of your base with Edit Mode, and improvements have been made to crew assignments and crew member selection, which was something I was hoping for after my review of the game. There are new battle emotes and a Volta taunt option too, and significantly, support for multiple save slots is being added so you can re-experience the story if you want.

On top of all that, there are four new weapons, expanding the already expansive strategic potential of Volta-X:

  • Light Punch delivers a low-damage, fast-cooldown attack that gives players the opportunity to strike over and over again. It can’t target flying objects, but it can overwhelm an opponent with a furious flurry of jabs.
  • Ballista does less damage, but this ancient, long-ranged weapon has an extremely short cooldown.
  • Shotgun sprays opponents with multiple projectiles at once, doing either high damage to one Volta part in close range or less damage to multiple parts from a distance.
  • Chainsaw inflicts damage upon making contact with an opponent’s part and damages the part three more times as it makes a deeper cut.

Lastly, Volta-X will be adding new alternate costumes for Ian, Lisa, Sheldon, Benjamin, and Grant based on the Voltas and kaiju. They will be unlockable through participating in special events in the coming days, and each costume really looks great.

Yooka-Laylee Volta-X collaboration Playtonic Games GungHo Online Entertainment Volta-X Halloween

Volta-X is a genuinely terrific and addicting strategy combat experience, and this update sounds like it improves the game by a significant margin even still. This game has been slipping under the radar a bit, but it’s 50% off at $9.99 through Nov. 2 — so I’d recommend you give it a shot!

And watch out for Yooka-Laylee in Volta-X later this month.

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