Yooka-Laylee: Yooka’s voice came from shoving a sock in director’s mouth


In an interview with Nintendo Life that covered every drop of blood, sweat, and tears that went into Yooka-Laylee‘s sound design, members of the game’s audio team gave an interesting detail on part of how they made Yooka’s voice. Basically, they shoved a sock in it. Literally. The excerpt below goes into full detail.

Daley Johnson: The sock…

Dan Murdoch: Ah, yes. So we had to re-record Yooka. Relatively late on, they decided that we wanted to change the way in which he holds items… you know how he licks items and they spring back into his mouth? Every single Yooka emote action and vocal element in the game had to get re-recorded with Chris Sutherland [Yooka-Laylee Project Director and Playtonic co-founder] with a sock in his mouth, so that we could have a different ‘ooh’ sound for every jump and turn.

Matt Griffin: It’s like the team behind Spider-Man on PS4 redoing all their dialogue depending on whether he’s swinging or not. If they can get a load of positive press out of that, then we can get a load of positive press out of having a sock in Chris’ mouth!

David Wise: Do we have that sock here that we can take a photo of? [laughs] If not, just get the most horrible, mouldiest sock you can find, completely drench it, and take a photo of it…

Daley Johnson: Fans will pay a lot of money for that, you know…

The world of sound design, and all of the creative ways different effects are produced, never ceases to amaze. Personally, I am just pleased to have learned this bit of news ahead of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Once that comes around, for every babble that each character makes, we’ll be wondering just how many socks it took to make such a noise possible.

Nick Pearson
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