Yo-kai Watch 8th anniversary livestream set for July 9

Yo-kai Watch 8th anniversary livestream

Level-5 has launched a special website to commemorate the Yo-kai Watch series’s 8th anniversary. The developers will host an anniversary livestream on July 9, where we may get a few new game announcements.

The first Yo-kai Watch game was released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 11, 2013. It didn’t exactly start as a mega hit with just over 53,000 units sold in its Japanese debut, which was respectable but by no means anywhere near Pokémon numbers. It wasn’t until the Yo-kai Watch anime made its debut the following January that the franchise saw a meteoric rise in sales and popularity. Since then, the Yo-kai Watch franchise has grown with four main-numbered titles, numerous spinoff titles, several anime series, and films.

The livestream will feature Haruka Tomatsu, who voices Nate Adams in the Japanese version of Yo-kai Watch, as the event MC. Joining her is longtime partner Etsuko Kozakura, the voice of Jibanyan in Japanese. We still don’t know what to expect, but Level-5 promises that it has major announcements planned for the event.

You can tune in to the Yo-kai Watch 8th anniversary livestream on YouTube starting at 7:00 p.m. (JST) on July 9. Level-5 will share more info, including the URL for the stream, later on the official Yo-kai Watch Twitter. Keep in mind that the program will only be available in Japanese.