Get ready for Yo-kai Watch 3 with Nintendo’s lightning-fast refresher video

Yo-kai Watch 3 story trailer Nintendo video

Are you getting a little hazy on the story of Yo-kai Watch, or maybe you’ve just never played the games at all? I fall into that latter category, unfortunately, so I don’t know what to expect from Yo-kai Watch 3, which releases for Nintendo 3DS on Friday, Feb. 8. However, Nintendo has released a new quick video that summarizes the whole story of the first two games in less time than it takes to sit through a TV commercial break.

Okay, so clearly it’s not the most comprehensive retelling of all the series events, but it at least helped me understand the most basic concepts of the game. Do I think I’ll get around to playing this game? Prooooooobably not. But Yo-kai Watch 4 on Switch has my attention!

Let us know if you plan on picking up Yo-kai Watch 3 in the comments!


John Friscia
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