Yiga Clan can pull the Master Sword easily in Breath of the Wild, turns out

Yiga Clan member can pull Master Sword in BOTW The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Obtaining the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is supposed to feel like a great accomplishment, requiring 13 heart containers and some navigation skills. If Link is not physically up to the task of pulling the Master Sword from its resting place in Korok Forest, then it will stay there forevermore. However, the Yiga Clan must be a bunch of secret jacked superheroes, because they can pull the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild no problem, it turns out. YouTube channel ThornyFox proved it in a video, where they “decided to glitch (a Yiga Clan member) into Korok Forest and bring him to the Master Sword,” since Yiga will typically pick up any object they come across.

“Glitch” sounds like a tremendous understatement of how much effort was involved in making this video though, as they spent hours getting a Yiga to follow Link to Korok Forest. It sounds like a tremendously tedious use of time, but the results speak for themselves. Once the Yiga Clan member finally comes across the Master Sword, he picks it up immediately — and it vanishes forever. “I just deleted the Master Sword out of existence,” the video jokes, following the death of the Yiga at Link’s hand. However, the functionality to pull the Master Sword is still present; it’s just that the sword is invisible when you go to lift it. Okay then.

Are you surprised to discover that the Yiga Clan can so casually lift the Master Sword in BOTW? Poor Link is just a weakling, apparently. For more fun Breath of the Wild news, check out the final “impossible” chest that was just opened for the first time.


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