Yes, Your Grace, a kingdom management sim, comes in June with discount

Yes Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace from developer Brave at Night is releasing for Switch on June 26, with an initial early bird discount. This medieval management sim is based on Slavic folklore and features some wonderful pixel art renditions of castles, towns, and villages of the era. The trailer shows off some rockin’ Slavic music too, which is also a major part of the main game.

Yes Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace released on PC back in March and received a generally positive critical and fan reception. The Switch port is being handled by Ant Workshop, a tiny indie team working out of Edinburgh, Scotland. That developer recently released Dead End Job, whilst also porting a selection of indies over to Switch, such as Subsurface CircularQuarantine Circular, and The Swindle.

In Yes, Your Grace, you assume the role of king and can go about managing your kingdom as you please. You’ll be fighting off monsters, building your kingdom, and managing your villagers, and the developer has cited these other key management features:

  • Listening to petitioners each turn and deciding who needs your support
  • Aiding your family with their personal problems and leading their fates
  • Hiring Generals, Witches and Hunters to aid your efforts
  • Making alliances by satisfying the whims of lords and kings
  • Following the stories of the quirky, determined characters that visit your halls.

Yes, Your Grace releases June 26 on Switch for $20. Preorders and early bird purchasers will get a 15% discount.

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