Yasunori Mitsuda thinks ‘Robo’s Theme’ is just meh

Yasunori Mitsuda Robo's Theme Chrono Trigger Robo

Another great interview with a classic video game maker has been unearthed and translated by Shmuplations. This time, it’s a 2003 interview with Yasunori Mitsuda, the legendary composer of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and many others. This interview covers several subjects, such as the equipment he was using to compose at the time, the types of music that influence him, and why he didn’t end up composing the soundtrack for Xenosaga Episode II. (His vision for the soundtrack for a sequel was too far away from what Namco ultimately wanted, so he declined the game.) But the thing that sticks out most to me in the interview is a part at the very end, where Mitsuda describes “Robo’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger as not “especially remarkable.” Like, what?

You can check out the snippet below:

… it sometimes happens that the songs I think are “perfect” don’t get noticed at all, and the ones I just casually cranked out become hits. (laughs) Robo’s theme in Chrono Trigger was like that: for me, it wasn’t especially remarkable, but people loved it. One song I think is “perfect” is the opening theme for Xenosaga. I wrote it so it would sync up seamlessly with the video image.

In my opinion, Chrono Trigger has the greatest video game soundtrack of all time, rivaled by basically nothing. I would put Persona 4 and Final Fantasy VI underneath it, and I believe Super Metroid has the most perfectly atmospheric soundtrack, but nothing touches the golden throne upon which Yasunori Mitsuda’s soundtrack sits. “Robo’s Theme” is only one of dozens of incredible songs on that soundtrack, and it honestly doesn’t rank among my favorites either. But I definitely wouldn’t describe it as unremarkable. Would you?

Let us know your favorite tracks from this masterpiece in the comments. Then get your Sunday started right by listening to some Yasunori Mitsuda!



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