Yasunori Mitsuda joins Sea of Stars as a guest composer

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Sea of Stars, the 2D turn-based RPG prequel to The Messenger from Sabotage Studio, is having a really successful Kickstarter. It has hit every stretch goal it has offered so far, including unlocking Single Player+ (which enables drop-in, drop-out two-player), a bonus dungeon designed with two players in mind, a behind-the-scenes documentary, New Game+, and an alternate ending. Now, separate from stretch goals altogether, Sabotage Studio has announced that legendary Japanese composer Yasunori Mitsuda will be joining Sea of Stars as a guest composer.

We’ve included the English translation of Mitsuda’s thoughts on the project below. He sounds genuinely enthused to be part of this unique RPG throwback.

Sea of Stars Yasunori Mitsuda guest composer Sabotage Studio

Sabotage Studio promises one more stretch goal is on the way, and they say it is “something we were meaning to work on for the game post-launch all along, but would love to include for free to our backers.” They hype it up as being something pretty big too, so consider out interest piqued.

Sea of Stars has recently added a physical version of the game as a Kickstarter backer tier, complete with instruction booklet, for about $63 USD. They really keep sweetening the deal with this title, especially with Yasunori Mitsuda along for the ride now.

Have you backed Sea of Stars, and if not, are you considering it? Honestly, I think I might, toward the end.


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