Yacht Club Presents: Shovel Knight news and more coming next week

Yacht Club Games has certainly kept busy over the last year. In February, to our collective sadness and understanding, the independent developer delayed everything Shovel Knight; from the amiibo to the remaining King of Cards and Showdown expansions, Yacht Club is taking their time in preparing Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove‘s final update. That’s not all bad, however, as the indie studio is also flexing its publishing muscles with Cyber Shadow, developed by Mechanical Head Studios. While all of their final launch dates remain TBA at the time of writing, that is all looking to change real soon.

yacht club games

Next week, the studio will likely answer these questions and more with a “Yacht Club Games Presents” online presentation. Much like a Nintendo Direct, Yacht Club is hosting its own livestreamed show on Wednesday, August 28 at 11am Pacific. Their showcase will reveal new information “on upcoming Yacht Club Games products, including new Shovel Knight news.”

While they’ll likely clear the air on existing projects, I’m curious to know if Yacht Club will have more in store. Could they be publishing more indie titles beyond Cyber Shadow? Or, perhaps we might see a glimpse into Shovel Knight’s future beyond Treasure Trove? I know I’ll be tuning in to Yacht Club Games Presents on Wednesday to find out more.


Jeffrey McDonell
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