Yacht Club Games Presents to make ‘groundbreaking announcement’ on Feb. 1

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G4 and its program Xplay will host a Yacht Club Games Presents event on Twitch on February 1, 2022, where Yacht Club Games will share “new updates, never-before-seen gameplay sneak peeks, DLC, and make a groundbreaking announcement.” That “groundbreaking announcement” bit is almost definitely a pun referring to Yacht Club Games’ massive hit franchise, Shovel Knight, so there could be a release date for Shovel Knight Dig coming or potentially the reveal of a whole new game.

It’s actually exciting to think about how varied the possibilities are for a game or DLC announcement at this Yacht Club Presents. On the DLC front, an announcement for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon seems all but guaranteed, since DLC for that game was already promised. However, it would be pretty cool if Cyber Shadow suddenly shoveled up some DLC of its own.

And on the “groundbreaking announcement” front, the most likely suspect is the new Shovel Knight Dig release date following its delay last year — but it would be really cool if it were a new game, possibly even one in 3D. After all, Yacht Club Games began hiring for a 3D project as far back as November 2019, so it definitely has something cooking, whether or not it is moreĀ Shovel Knight. Plus, on Twitter Yacht Club even described its big news as a “MEGATON” announcement, which sounds a bit too grandiose for it to be a Dig release date, right?

In any case, the event will last roughly an hour and begin at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT.

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