Yacht Club Games is on a hiring spree, including for 3D development

Yacht Club Games hiring spree 3D development Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games has spent at least the last six years developing its masterpiece, Shovel Knight, and its various DLC and spin-offs. They are also jointly developing Shovel Knight Dig with Nitrome and handling publishing duties for Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker’s Cyber Shadow. But evidentally, the fun doesn’t stop there. Yacht Club Games has announced it is hiring for a myriad of new positions, including roles for artists, programmers, and designers. Shovel Knight animator Sandy Gordon shared the news as well. Notably, several positions are for 3D game development.

It is unlikely that the team needs this much more talent just to co-develop Shovel Knight Dig, so there are inevitably new unannounced projects in the works. The fact that they are hiring for so many positions dedicated to 3D game development is telling (even though technically Shovel Knight is a 3D game in the first place). Yacht Club Games has stated in the past that it is their desire to create a few tent pole franchises, in the same way that Nintendo has the likes of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. Perhaps this 3D title will be their next major franchise? If it’s in the same stratosphere of quality as Shovel Knight, it will surely be massively successful.

What do you make of this Yacht Club Games hiring spree?


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