Make me an offer: Yacht Club has been courted by bigger companies for a buyout

Yacht Club

Yacht Club Games is a gifted developer. It is known for the beloved Shovel Knight, a game that proves Kickstarter can be wildly successful. The dev has maintained its independent status since 2011. However, that doesn’t mean richer companies haven’t offered to buy it out. Or that it was never interested, either.

Will Yacht Club be an exclusive club forever?

Recently, a Reddit AMA was conducted with Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo. A question was pitched regarding whether a bigger entity ever offered to buy it out.

Here’s what David had to say on the matter:

Yes we have…we wouldn’t be totally opposed to it if it made sense for our situation. But right now we prefer to have control over how the company is run and what kind of games we make.

It sounds like the group is keeping its options open while enjoying its self-rule.

Personally, if Yacht Club ever did consider a buyout, it’d probably want it to be like PlatinumGames’. Tencent invested in Platinum but the developer still owns its IP. I wonder who made an offer, though? My money is on Nintendo. Just a wild guess.

Enthusiasts, are you surprised someone tried to scoop up Yacht Club Games? Let us know your thoughts on buyouts in general by leaving a comment below.

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