XIII remake gameplay reveal set for early June

xiii remake nintendo switch

The XIII remake was set to hit Nintendo Switch late last year. However, the game was then delayed until 2020, and since then there has been very little news on the remake. Now though, publisher Microids has officially announced that the game will be part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event. On June 8, the very first gameplay reveal for the XIII remake will be shown to the world, giving us a glimpse of what the cel-shaded classic has become.

Up until now all we’ve had is a teaser trailer for the game’s remake, and that gives very little away.

XIII originally launched for the GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. It’s a stylish shooter that put players in the shoes of a man who has no memory of his past. Over the course of the journey to uncover that past, players battled through some incredibly well-realized environments and got to experience a blend of fast-paced shooting depicted in a comic book style. Each blast of the shotgun was accompanied by a “BLAM” that popped up on screen, and there were other staples of comic book combat that were included, mostly to do with falling or dying.

The original game was based on a comic, though how much this remake sticks to the original material remains to be seen.


Jamie Sharp
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