XIII remake delayed to 2021 for Switch, weapons shown off in new trailer

XIII remake delayed Nintendo Switch 2021 delay PlayMagic Microids weapons trailer

Last year, developer PlayMagic and publisher Microids’ XIII remake was delayed by what ultimately amounted to a full year. More recently, the game was finally set to launch this November. While that’s still the case on other platforms, sadly, the Nintendo Switch version of the XIII remake has been delayed again. It’ll now arrive on Switch some time in 2021.

As the launch on other platforms is near, Microids has released a new trailer. The Good Old Weapons trailer shows off the game’s remade arsenal of weaponry. There’s your typical suite of modern weapons in here, from Magnum pistols and AKs to double barrel shotguns and rocket launchers. The game’s style shines through yet again in this trailer, and the comic book visuals definitely still pop. The game’s thick outlines and stylized art should help the game look right on Switch too, whenever it launches.

As the trailer closes out, we get a look at the gadgets and tools coming to the XIII remake. Combining its grappling hook with the game’s bombastic arsenal should provide some great combat options. We’re looking forward to going hands-on with XIII when it launches for Switch next year.

In the meantime, the XIII remake releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 10. Are you as miffed as us at continually seeing Switch ports get bumped?

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