Xenon Racer will get a gameplay trailer on 1/17; includes release date

Late last year, the folks over at Sodesco showed off a brand-new racing game — Xenon Racer. The new title embraces a futuristic theme, though it’s not the typical F-Zero/WipEout style that we’ve come to expect. Rather, it will feature super-fast cars that don’t look too far off from concepts that we have today (except these ones can transform!). The new game is coming to all platforms, including the Switch. Xenon Racer was already announced as a 2019 title, but when exactly does it come out? Looks like we’ll find out in just a few days.

Sodesco has decided to ‘make an announcement of an announcement’ by sharing that a new gameplay trailer for Xenon Racer will drop on January 17. This new trailer will also include the game’s launch date. My hope is that it won’t be too far long along into the year, and also that the Switch version will arrive on the exact same day as the other platforms; all too often we’ve seen the Switch version of a game get pushed back.

While you wait for the new trailer, take a gander at the last one:

A.K Rahming
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