Xenoblade Chronicles X Nearing Completion, Website Details Revealed

Monolith Soft, the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles and its upcoming spiritual sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X, issued a message to fans on their new website following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, where they showed new details and footage of their game. Siliconera has translated the message.

Monolith started off by asking what people thought of the Nintendo Direct. They followed this up by revealing that Xenoblade Chronicles X is nearing the end of development(!!!) and that the staff are in high spirits. Nintendo told them that an official website for the game needed more time to prepare, however. Thus, Monolith decided to make a website on their own – which of course, they did, even if it was made in a hurry.

They expected to get in trouble with Nintendo for making the site after being told to wait just a little longer, but instead Nintendo told them to go ahead. Even so, they aren\’t sure whether their site will become obsolete once Nintendo creates the official one, or if their own will have to survive by having unique content, which they will hope to be much of the fun as the game gets close to release. Whatever the case, they say that now they have opened the site they plan to keep working on it and communicate with fans who check it out. They opened an official Twitter account for the game, as well.

Either way, it’s great to see that the game is nearing completion. What do you think of this news? Excited for the game? Going to check out the website? Sound off below!

Jonathan Harrington