Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition improves Colony 6 sidequest and Affinity Chart

xenoblade chronicles remaster improvements

Finally, we hit the month of May, which means only 28 more sleeps until the worldwide launch of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch. As of now, we know the remaster will feature a new epilogue chapter and a revamped soundtrack. That said, we hardly know what concrete quality-of-life updates are included that will make the game a smoother ride compared to the original on Wii. Rest easy chums, as we have more details on what other updates can be found in the Xenoblade Chronicles remaster!

Rebuilding Colony 6 is now easier than ever

First up, Nintendo revealed last week that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition will feature both the old and new soundtracks. Players can freely choose between either musical scores from the options. However, the official (albeit Japanese) Xenoblade Twitter announced that you can actually mix and match the music to an extent! The game lists Field and Battle music tracks separately in the options, so you can better tailor your Xenoblade musical experience based on your preferences.

Next, we know from the Direct Mini trailer that the game’s extensive pause menu has been revamped for ease of use. This time around, the Affinity Chart lists comprehensive profiles for NPCs you meet along your journey. These NPC profiles now include active in-game hours, locations, and requested items you can trade. These updates also extend to the game’s Quests, chief among them the Colony 6 restoration sidequest; you can track money and reconstruction materials from the pause screen, meaning less frequent trips to the devastated Homs settlement. You can also mark Quests as Active Quests, with the game’s HUD and map now pointing you in the right direction for it.

Finally, like in Xenoblade Chronicles X, the game’s “Fashion Gear” will allow players to separate stats from appearance on acquired gear. In other words, you can upgrade your party’s stats without committing to wearing the specific gear while battling or exploring.

What do you think of these updates in the Xenoblade Chronicles remaster? What kind of fashion statement will you lean towards: default, cool, cute, goofy or something unique? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Twitter (via Perfectly Nintendo)

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