Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record up for Japanese preorder

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record artbook

You don’t need to be an artist to be an art lover, and I especially appreciate a great video game art book. I own several game art books, including tons of art books for Mega Man and some awesome stuff for Final Fantasy. The next great game to receive the art book treatment is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Japan is receiving Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record on Feb. 2.

At 352 pages, the book will cover both the core game and its expansion, Torna: The Golden Country. There is no word on a Western release yet, but the Japanese edition is up for preorder on Amazon Japan now.

Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record art book

What do you think? Will you cross your fingers for a domestic release, or will you preorder now? Or was the art book in the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 enough for you? Personally, I fall into that last category.


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