XCOM: Chimera Squad rated for Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1 by PEGI

XCOM: Chimera Squad Nintendo Switch PEGI rating

If you want more XCOM in your life but aren’t a PC gamer, you’re probably in luck. European ratings board PEGI has rated XCOM: Chimera Squad for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It lists the release date of each as March 26, 2021, which obviously isn’t accurate, but nevertheless, the rating is there. The game originally launched on PC last year, and it is rated “PEGI 16 because it features sustained depictions of violence towards human characters and strong violence.”

Developer Firaxis Games and publisher 2K released XCOM: Chimera Squad as a budget-priced entry in the turn-based tactical series that is set five years after XCOM 2, where humans and aliens are finally cooperating for peaceful coexistence. The game received an overall positive critical reception on PC, but several outlets noted how the game could be much easier than previous entries. Considering how brutal XCOM can be, perhaps not all players will view that as a negative though.

XCOM 2: The Collection came to Nintendo Switch in May 2020, and that port’s existence was first revealed by a rating for the game in South Korea in February 2020. Presuming the PEGI rating is not an error, we will see if there is as long a wait between this ratings leak and XCOM: Chimera Squad being officially announced for Switch and other consoles.


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