XCOM 2 trailer tells you everything you need to know about the game

Xcom 2 collection alternate histories

The upcoming XCOM 2 Collection on Switch is all set to introduce thousands of new players to the brutal strategy series about liberating Earth from an alien invasion. Understandably, plenty of prospective soldiers on Switch will want to know what the series and story is all about before they buy. The official XCOM YouTube account now features a trailer with exactly those sorts of players in mind. Give it a look for yourself if you’re curious to learn what makes XCOM 2 unique. Do be warned, though – the first game’s ending is pretty much immediately spoiled in this trailer.

What do you think? XCOM 2 Collection looks solid to me, and this trailer does a pretty nifty job of laying everything out about the story and gameplay features for incoming new players, but it seems mostly focused on differentiating the game from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The trailer also doesn’t quite emphasize how positively brutal the games can be.

Will you be picking up the XCOM 2 Collection on Switch? The title drops on Switch alongside Borderlands and Bioshock collections on May 29. Like its partners, the XCOM 2 Collection comes with an annoying mandatory download even for physical buyers, but hopefully, that will be the only hiccup in bringing the famous strategy series over to Switch.

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