WWE Superstar Asuka plays Super Mario Maker 2 on her new channel

WWE Superstar Asuka plays Super Mario Maker 2 on KanaChanTV YouTube gaming channel

It’s been a long, long time since I watched professional wrestling, but I still appreciate the artistry of it. It’s a soap opera where people get body slammed through tables, and considering I also loved One Life to Live — an actual soap opera — there’s no reason for me not to like wrestling. So I’m especially pleased to see worlds collide as WWE Superstar Asuka has opened her own gaming YouTube channel, KanaChanTV, and started things off with Super Mario Maker 2.

Asuka trades off between English and Japanese so that everyone can have a taste of what screaming sounds like in another language. She’s clearly enjoying herself though; it doesn’t just feel like she’s hamming it up for the microphone. And the end is genuinely impressive: As the video title promises, Asuka completes a Super Mario Maker 2 level that had a 1.13% clear rate. She is no scrub!

My personal favorite part of the video is reading YouTube’s automated English transcript of it, which misinterprets Japanese and English alike and comes up with things like, “oh my god almost abuser okay.” ThereĀ is almost abuse in this video, but not quite — so it’s okay.

Anyway, let us know if you’ll be subscribing to Asuka as she suplexes challenging video games.


John Friscia
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