Wunderling DX hits in March as a free update of the original platformer

Wunderling DX release date March 8, 2022 Nintendo Switch Steam PC Bitwave Games Retroid Interactive

Bitwave Games (formerly Retroid Interactive) has announced Wunderling DX as a free update for the puzzle platformer Wunderling on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and it has a release date of March 8, 2022. The original game launched in March 2020, so this large update is coming almost exactly two years later. Wunderling DX adds a new world containing 14 new levels, along with new story bits and a “speedrun timer,” and the announcement trailer shows it all off. It looks like fast-paced chaos, in a good way.

The content included in the Wunderling DX update is likely to be pretty great considering the original release received a strong critical reception. The premise of the game is fun and different too: You are a “low-level video game goon granted the power to jump,” and your aim is to stop the Vegetable Kingdom’s hero, Carrot Man, from saving the kidnapped Princess Pea. It’s a bit like Super Mario in reverse, though with an emphasis on puzzles, finding hidden “Wunder-moves,” and locating collectibles.

Bitwave Games founder and CEO Niklas Istenes has confirmed that DX is the final update for this game, but Bitwave Games has plenty more on the way. That’s good news for fans.

[Source: PR]

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