World War Z Nintendo Switch release date trailer offers November carnage

World War Z Nintendo Switch release date trailer November 2, 2021 Saber Interactive Focus Entertainment

Publisher Focus Entertainment (formerly Focus Home Interactive) and developer Saber Interactive have announced a November 2, 2021 release date for World War Z on Nintendo Switch, and it has a trailer with an F-word in it to indicate kids shouldn’t be playing it. The video game is inspired by the 2013 Brad Pitt zombie movie and has been played by more than 15 million players to date across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One since its launch in 2019. World War Z is available to preorder now digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop and physically at some retailers for $39.99. A World War Z Deluxe Edition also retails for $49.99 (including on the eShop) and includes “28 unique bonus items including special character outfits, weapon skins, and variants.”

As the Nintendo Switch release date trailer teases, World War Z will see you surviving with friends against the masses of zombies. There are four co-op story campaign episodes set in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo, and upward of four players selecting from seven different classes can team up to survive. Alternatively, humans can blast each other in the 4v4, players vs. players. vs. zombies multiplayer modes. Assorted weapons and traps come along for the ride. It’s all powered by Saber Interactive’s “Swarm Engine.”

There is no word on offering cross-play for the Nintendo Switch version yet, though cross-play between the game’s other platforms is available. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will receive an upgraded version of the game, World War Z: Aftermath, on September 21.

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