Wonder Festival 2021 Autumn Canceled due to COVID-19 safety concerns

Wonder Festival 2021 Autumn Canceled

If you’ve never heard of Wonder Festival before, think of it as a semiannual Tokyo Game Show for figures and statues, and the next one in Wonder Festival 2021 Autumn was scheduled for September. Unfortunately, the Wonder Festival committee has announced that the autumn festival has been canceled. The reason behind the cancellation is due to the extended state of emergency in Tokyo and other regions.

Japan is currently in its fourth state of emergency since the pandemic started. While the current emergency lockdown was due to end on August 31, it was recently extended to mid-September. Wonder Festival 2021 Autumn was supposed to take place on September 20, but after considering the health and safety of those involved, Wonder Festival organizers decided that it would be in everybody’s best interest to cancel the event after much deliberation.

People that purchased tickets at Lawson and Ministop convenience stores can get refunds starting August 26. The event organizers apologized for the inconvenience, especially for the dealers that planned on presenting their products at the event. There are plans for an online version of Wonder Festival 2021 Autumn, which will allow dealers to show off their goods, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for more details.

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