Wonder Festival 2020 brings new Nintendo figmas and Nendoroids

wonder festival 2020 dragon quest luminary

If E3 is the biggest, Christmas-style smorgasbord of video game news to come around every year, then Wonder Festival is the collectible figure/statue equivalent. Twice a year, the Japan-based figure exhibition event gathers fan and companies from across the country. Humble hobbyists show off one-of-a-kind statues and figure kits crafted by hand, while massive companies announce and preview a variety of upcoming mass-produced statues and figures. Good Smile Company are one of the largest figure manufacturers of all, producing a staggering number of products each month that transform our favorite video game, anime, and Hollywood icons into everything from huge high-detail statues to adorable chibi figures. Their presence at the latest Wonder Festival has provided a look at a variety of upcoming or soon-to-be shipped figures based on some of our favorite Nintendo icons.

wonder festival 2020 bayonetta

The first is an adorable posable Nendoroid figure of everyone’s favorite gun-toting, glasses wearing witch Bayonetta. The figure is currently unpainted, meaning it’s not ready to go on sale just yet, but the detail in the sculpting alone is enough to make any fan drool.

wonder festival 2020 yennefer

Another unpainted work-in-progress Nendoroid shown off at Wonder Festival 2020 is Yennefer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Nendoroids typically come with a variety of extra accessories, and we get a look at one of Yennefer’s in this shot of the Nendoroid.

wonder festival 2020 dragon quest luminary

One of the fully-painted Nendoroids shown off at Wonder Festival 2020 is of the Luminary hero from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, seen here wielding his trusty sword and shield.

No, this isn’t a regular-sized replica of the tiny hero of Nintendo DS action-adventure Okamiden. This is a small, cutesy Nendoroid version of iconic Okami heroine Amaterasu, proudly lifting her head as gorgeous flames spill from her back.

wonder festival 2020 ryza

At Wonder Festival 2020, Good Smile Company also announced plans to produce a Nendoroid of Ryza from the recently released alchemy RPG Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

wonder festival 2020 splatoon

They also announced plans to produce figures of pop icons Pearl an Marina from Splatoon 2, but these won’t be tiny Nendoroids like the other figures shown off. Instead, these are going to be properly proportioned and fully poseable figma figures, which boast a slightly higher price point and a much more accurate character sculpt.


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