Wolfram Alpha Adds Pokemon Data

Coinciding with the release of the new Pokemon installments, Wolfram Research’s computational knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha has taken to task compiling data from the Pokemon games, providing information normally found only in the in-game Pokedex or on sites like Serebii or Smogon.

\”It’s not all abstract algebra and organic chemistry here at Wolfram HQ. From time to time, we like to take a piece of pop culture and put our own spin on the subject. We’ve seen from our server logs that our Pokemon plane curves are pretty popular. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the latest installments in the long-running video game series, will be released on October 12. Given those two facts, we thought it was a good time to add data about Pokémon to Wolfram|Alpha. In many ways, Pokémon are an ideal subject for a computable knowledge engine. They have a set of well-defined characteristics with lots of numbers to which we can apply our analytic capabilities. Heck, Pokémon come complete with their own unique identifiers from the game’s internal database, the Pokémon Index, or Pokédex.\”

Besides listing information such as basic properties and physical characteristics, Wolfram Alpha even delves into statistics, from base stats to specialized data concerning specific inquiries, such as \”Pokemon with speed greater than 80.\” Users will be able to ask questions like these, along with the utilization of comprehensive rankings and power listings (like the median special attack stat for all flying Pokemon, for example).

The engine also allows you to search for Pokemon information that may extend passed simply looking up stats. You can find information on the movies, characters and organizations like Team Rocket, and much more.

For newcomers, Wolfram also offers quick explanations of how mechanics in Pokemon work, from what each stat does to how abilities and other properties function.

Interestingly enough, one of the most important aspects of Pokemon, catching them, is not included, which is odd considering the mathematics behind catching Pokemon would feel right at home here. Nevertheless, what we have here is a marvelous cache of Pokemon information that is just as, if not more, accessible than usual sources of Pokemon information. Hopefully the passing of time will add to the refinement of this system to the benefit of all Pokemon fans.

Dakota Lasky