Woah Dave! \”Deluxe\” Update, Wii U Release Confirmed

Choice Provisions has released new details about Woah Dave!’s upcoming \”Deluxe\” update, which will add more content to the original game for free. Already available for Steam, it should be released for the 3DS pretty soon.

So far, the update includes:

  • Two new levels.
  • Six new characters: Adoma from Destructamundo, Jr. Melchking and CommandgirldVideo from BIT.TRIP, Mr. Robotube from Robotube Games, Blok TomTom from Bloktonik and one new hidden character.
  • Boss battles.
  • New enemy types.
  • Rideable UFOs.
  • A \”Classic Mode\” which allow to play the game without the update changes.
  • And a few additional Easter eggs.

In the case you want to see it yourself, you can also watch the new trailer featuring the new levels and characters:

If you are still hungry for more good news, it was also confirmed that Woah Dave! Deluxe will be also released for the Nintendo Wii U eShop; still no release date or price was given:

Eric Weichhart
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