Wizard with a Gun brings co-op sandbox survival to Switch & PC in 2022

Wizard with a Gun Nintendo Switch PC Devolver Digital Galvanic Games release date 2022 cooperative sandbox survival adventure

At the Devolver Digital conference today, the publisher and developer Galvanic Games announced cooperative sandbox survival game Wizard with a Gun for Nintendo Switch and Steam, aiming to launch in 2022. Designing weapons, bullets, and (for your tower home) furnishings and crafting them out of materials you collect will be a major component of gameplay.

You can combine “elements for intended or surprising effects that alter the shot, blast radius, bullet trail, and even the status of the creature in your crosshairs.” Likewise, you’ll be crafting assorted clothing like hats, robes, armor, and accessories. Environments will be randomly generated with deserts, swamps, tundras, and prairies, which should lend itself to replayability, whether alone or in a team of upward of five players online. It sounds like the core of Wizard with a Gun is stumbling into new environments and experimenting with your materials to craft the best and most unexpected equipment to survive. Although, most of Devolver Digital and Galvanic Games’ Wizard with a Gun reveal trailer is just a cinematic.

If you like survival games, then this game will probably be right up your alley when it arrives on Switch and PC next year. And if you don’t like survival games, I applaud your inquisitive mind for clicking on this article anyway.

John Friscia
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