Witch return: Bayonetta 3 gets big reveal during Direct

Bayonetta 3 reveal

Well, it looks like Nintendo’s own leak was real. Finally, the long-awaited gameplay reveal for Bayonetta 3 happened during today’s Direct. The titular witch is sporting a new look, as well as some welcome gameplay additions. Plus, a release date for sometime in 2022 was shown, which hopefully won’t be too long of a wait for eager fans.

I feel like I’ve been awaiting Bayonetta 3’s reveal for 100 years

Nintendo’s last announcement of the night was certainly welcome, as you can witness below:

I absolutely loved the Astral Chain misdirect. Maybe we’ll get a sequel to that next?! Or perhaps the two universes will merge into one?! SO MANY QUESTIONS.

The biggest news, besides Bayonetta’s pigtails and a vague 2022 release date, is the ability for Bayonetta to directly control demons. The bottom left screen showed three demons mapped to the left, right, and top arrow buttons. These will certainly make for some sick combos.

Bayonetta 3 reveal

Other than that, not much to go on. Though I do hope that was Jeanne sporting a new haircut at the end of the trailer.

Enthusiasts, did you scream out in joy during the Bayonetta 3 reveal? Let us know your thoughts on it down below!


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