Wishlist: Artist 3D prints a custom Smash Bros. Crash Bandicoot amiibo

Crash Bandicoot amiibo

E3 2021 is a little over a week away. And with its impending start comes a flurry of predictions. One that is almost a guarantee is an announcement of the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter. What I and many others are hoping for is Crash Bandicoot. The marsupial is represented on Switch, after all. A gamer artist who would love that reveal decided to will it into existence with a 3D print of a Smash Bros. Crash Bandicoot amiibo.

This is probably exactly what a Crash Bandicoot amiibo would look like

The artist named Thomas Dulaney built the Crash amiibo from scratch. It took a total of 10 hours to 3D print and paint the custom figure.

Check out some pictures of the finished product from his Twitter account:

I love it! If Nintendo makes an official amiibo based on Crash’s It’s About Time appearance, I’d be surprised if it DIDN’T look exactly like this.

It really is incredible what people are capable of creating in this day and age. Hopefully, Nintendo sees what Thomas has done and sends him a free Crash amiibo if it becomes a reality.

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on the Smash Bros. Crash Bandicoot amiibo? Have you ever used a 3D printer to create something as magical as this? Let us know in the comments below!

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