Windjammers 2 reveals characters Sammy Ho & Jordi Costa, now also coming to Game Pass

trailer Windjammers 2 reveals characters Sammy Ho & Jordi Costa, now also coming to Xbox Game Pass no release date

Dotemu announced extreme Frisbee game Windjammers 2 way back in August 2018, and somehow it still doesn’t even have a release date. It is definitely progressing with development though, as today Dotemu announced that Windjammers 2 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass at launch in addition to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Cross-play will be supported specifically between the Xbox and PC versions. Furthermore, Dotemu revealed two more characters for Windjammers 2 in a new trailer: Sammy Ho and Jordi Costa.

Sammy Ho is a gardener, which doesn’t matter very much, but he’s also a “budding star athlete” from China, which is more pertinent. As PR explains, “Sammy’s mid-range agility and powerful throws make him a dangerous rival, and his special move channels a ferocious dragon’s energy for blistering shots on goal.” Meanwhile, Jordi Costa returns with “court-crossing slides and mighty strength.” The new Windjammers 2 trailer showcases what Sammy Ho and Jordi Costa are like in action, in addition to reiterating that the game will now come to Xbox One and Game Pass.

Any game that is hoping to foster a strong online player base should probably be eager to join Xbox Game Pass, since the service already has its own huge user base that is eager to try new games. Square Enix’s Outriders is an example of such a game finding success on the service. It makes good sense that Dotemu would opt to bring Windjammers 2 to the service, but it will also find a great home on Nintendo Switch.

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