Windjammers 2 delayed to 2021, but not just because of COVID for once

Windjammers 2 delay Dotemu not COVID rollback online experience improvement

In this whirlwind year of death and delays, you might have forgotten Windjammers 2 from Dotemu was even a thing. But it is still a thing — yet another delayed thing. Dotemu has delayed Windjammers 2 to 2021, a title intended to launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia. However, for maybe the first time all year, a developer has not explicitly cited COVID challenges as reason for the delay.

Rather, the developer cites the wealth of feedback garnered from players who played the game’s demo during the Steam Summer Festival, which apparently included “a lot” of positive feedback regarding “game design, gameplay, etc.” but also some “mixed opinions,” particularly the “lack of rollback for the online mode.” Online play is meant to be a core part of the Windjammers 2 experience, facilitating a competitive community. Thus, Dotemu is delaying the game to essentially perfect the online experience and give players what they really want.

Of course, COVID inevitably has slowed down Windjammers 2 development at Dotemu in some way, yet it’s bizarrely refreshing for a developer to not just say “because COVID” and fire off the tweet. In any case, the developer promises more regular news updates about game content, like characters and stages, moving forward.


John Friscia
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