WiiWare games are returning for Switch with 6 Bit.Trip titles next month

WiiWare games Bit.Trip Switch Nintendo Switch

Remember WiiWare games? The weird and eclectic mix of smaller downloadable titles in an era before digital downloads really took off? They’re coming back, well, some of them at least. Six Bit.Trip WiiWare games will be re-launched on the Nintendo Switch eShop next month. We didn’t think we’d see WiiWare before Virtual Console on Switch, but here we are. Bit.Trip Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux are all on the way.

Each Bit.Trip game experiments with a different genre, although the art style remains largely the same across the collection. The Switch versions will launch as individual downloads, rather than as the Bit.Trip collection. Each title will set you back $5, making the full collection cost $30.

If you fancy dipping back into the WiiWare library, these could provide a Christmas treat this year. All six games are set to launch on Dec. 25, which isn’t your typical date for a new game release. Sure, you might have some other games to unwrap on Christmas morning — but WiiWare, right?!

The original Wii Shop Channel largely shut down back in 2018, when the Wii Points currency was no longer redeemable. From March 26, 2018, there was no way to purchase WiiWare games. The following year, the Wii Shop was ended entirely, meaning WiiWare was well and truly finished, until now.

The Bit.Trip WiiWare games go live on the Switch eShop on Christmas.


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