Wiimote early designs leak as part of new round of Nintendo Gigaleak

early Wiimote designs Wii Remote design Nintendo source code email attachment leak leaked Gigaleak

Last year, the so-called Nintendo “Gigaleak” leaked an almost unimaginable amount of Nintendo source code and documentation for various hardware and software projects spanning decades. It was so much information that new discoveries are still being made, and preservationists like Forest of Illusion or software engineer LuigiBlood are keeping tabs on the highlights. Today, among other things, Forest of Illusion noted the discovery of early designs for the Wii Remote — the Wiimote — which were apparently recovered from internal Nintendo emails contained in the Gigaleak. As you’ll see, the Wiimote looked quite a bit different in these early designs.

For convenience of comparison, we’ve put together a version with the actual Wii Remote beside the early designs, but please note that our “scale” is only a guess based on the size of the D-pad.

early Wiimote designs Wii Remote design Nintendo source code email attachment leak leaked Gigaleak

Regardless of our size guesses, it does appear that these early Wiimote designs were smaller than that of the final product due to not having any speaker. That’s the least interesting thing about these early designs though. Rather, it’s curious to see designs with “circular” buttons surrounding the A button. It’s also surprising that Nintendo debated which button should even be “A” versus “B.” And perhaps most interestingly, Nintendo experimented with placing “L” and “R” buttons near the central button. Frankly, that would have offered Wii games more utility, but perhaps it clashed with Nintendo’s desire to create a controller that people of any age could intuitively understand.

Let us know what you think of these early Wiimote designs recovered from the Nintendo Gigaleak. Today, early builds of numerous Pokémon games reportedly leaked as well, like Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!.


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